Get Premium Compounded Nutritional Supplements in Birmingham


Whether you’re going on a diet to lose weight or are just looking to keep your body in the best shape possible, Harbin Pharmacy in Birmingham has what you need. Our wide selection of compounded nutritional supplements is specifically tailored to each of our patients’ needs. This specific pharmaceutical practice ensures that patients are getting just the right amount of whatever treatment they require. We carry many different types of vitamins and minerals and can customize them to fit your needs. Some of the ways we do this include:

  • Flavoring: Taking supplements doesn’t have to be unpleasant. Our lineup of delicious flavor additives helps to eliminate aftertastes and sweeten your whole experience.
  • Combination prescriptions: Taking multiple medications several times a day can be a thing of the past with our ability to combine compatible prescriptions into a single dose.
  • Allergen elimination: Need to take a certain supplement but can’t due to an allergen present in the ingredient list? Let us formulate a special concoction free from that element.
  • Unavailable supplements: Our skilled pharmaceutical team can get almost any supplement needed in bulk form and compound it to fit your specific needs, even when it is out of stock elsewhere.
  • Different dosage forms: If a certain supplement has stopped working, we work closely with your doctor to compound your prescriptions into another form of dosage, such as lozenges, gels or sprays.

With our various techniques, we guarantee our patients’ overall satisfaction and safety.

Also Serving Crestline and Mountain Brook

For over 85 years, Harbin Pharmacy has been Birmingham’s number-one choice for all things pharmacy related. From our quality vitamins and minerals to our exceptional supplements for nutrition, our pediatric compounding pharmacy gives the Mountain Brook and Crestline areas everything they need when it comes to medication. Give our friendly staff a call today at 205-578-1311 and find out more about what we offer.