Experienced Compounding Pharmacy Creates Medication for Birmingham Patients


There’s nothing better than having something professionally tailored to your specific needs. Knowing that something was custom made just for you takes your experience from good to great instantly, no matter what it is. At Harbin Pharmacy, we know how good it feels to get that personalized, individual attention, which is why we are especially proud to be the best compounding pharmacy in Birmingham and its surrounding area.

Compounded medication allows you to take your mass-manufactured drugs and dispose of them for good. As a compounded medication pharmacy, we specialize in creating specific formulations of your prescriptions that combine the exact dosage, strength and ingredients you need. This method can be used in many different services, such as:

  • Hormone therapy
  • Palliative care
  • Wound care
  • Mental health care
  • Pediatrics

Whether you need a medication that is no longer available in stores or requires a specific delivery system, such as sprays, suppositories, topical gels or lozenges, we are here to take care of you.

We Also Work With Veterinary Medicine to Keep Pets Healthy

Getting pets to take their needed medications can be tricky. With our compounded prescription services for pets, we take that complicated situation and turn it into something your furry friend can enjoy. We have years of experience formulating various pet medications into one flavored chew that your furry pals will gobble right down. We offer many different veterinary medication services, such as:

  • Innovative delivery systems
  • Enjoyable flavors
  • Medication combinations
  • Exact dosage, strength and size as needed
  • Hard-to-find or unavailable medications

Also Serving the Crestline and Mountain Brook Areas

With over 85 years of experience as a compounding pharmacy, we at Harbin Pharmacy are proud to offer our compassionate, skilled services to the Birmingham, Mountain Brook and Crestline areas. Our motto has always been "Modern Medicine With Old-Fashioned Service," and it shines through in our friendly staff. Find out more about our compounded medication and nutritional supplements today by calling 205-578-1311.