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Compounding Medicine Prevents Unexpected Allergic Reactions

Medicine that is sold over the counter has a list of active and inactive ingredients, so those suffering from allergies to certain additives are protected against an unexpected allergic reaction. Prescription medication does not come labeled with ingredients, which makes it dangerous to intolerant patients.
Medication Additives
As with many foods, there are additives in your prescription medication. Some that are common are some of which many people are allergic. Dye, gluten, lactose, preservatives and sugar might be found in the pills your doctor told you to take daily, and you might end up in the emergency room as result of the very thing that is supposed to help you feel better.
Compounding Medication
Drug manufacturers have a recipe that they follow to produce medicine in massive quantities. You won’t be able to avoid an allergen if you purchase what was manufactured and shipped to your pharmacist directly. You need to locate a compounding pharmacist who will make your medication for you personally. This way you receive the drug you need and the fillers you don’t.
Taking medicine should not make you sicker, and compounded medicine can help with allergies. Your personal pharmacist can ensure that you receive what the doctor ordered while avoiding a dangerous anaphylactic reaction. Contact Harbin Pharmacy at 205-578-1311 today for your prescription needs.